​​​​​​​​​Final Thoughts


           It is not possible in just a few pages or even several dozen pages to begin to represent adequately the thousands and thousands of species of wildlife of this planet. In addition, to try to represent wildlife in categories such as "habitats" is woefully inadequate as well, because there are dozens of different kinds of habitats and many species can be found in multiple habitats, while some only survive in a single habitat.

          But what this site has attempted to do is to bring just a tiny bit of the magic that we may all experience when we will try to connect with wildlife.  I have had everything from chickadees and sparrows to woodpeckers perch on me as I sat motionless and tried to connect.  Wild animals, also, have come within arm's length; again, not because of anything special about me but because we each can have that connection with wildlife.

        This magic is possible to anyone who honors wildlife and is willing to invest the

time.  My wish is for whomever visits this site to feel some of this magic and to know

that it is possible to have their own special experiences.

         In the slide show below, see how many birds you can identify--the identification list is on the next page to check your accuracy.